FLDIGI Tutorial: One click modem changes

Here is the first FLDigi tutorial from a series that I am working on.

I’ve added a second visible row of macro buttons above the basic set and I use that row to assign the modems I use the most. That way a modem switch from PSK-31 to Contestia 4/125 is one click of a button and not a hunt and drag exercise from the Op_modem list.

First screen shot shows the second row of macro buttons. The way to enable a second row, go to Configure > User Interface> Macros. The one I’ve selected is “Two Scheme 4”.

Clicking the button to the right of the macro row, with the number results in scrolling through rows 2 through 4 of the macro rows. I put my mode switches on row 3. You can put them on any row you choose.

Now for the modes. Right click on an empty macro button or even on one that has a label. When you right click, you’ll have the option to edit. Remove all the existing text and the Macro Button Label information.

Next, scroll down near the bottom of the “Select Tag” column and you will see a list of modems. Select the modem you want to create a macro button for, then click the green arrow button above to move it into the macro text window. Then, assign a macro button label. Hit “Apply” then “Close”. You’ll now have a very quick way to choose your favorite modes.

One thing to note, for Olivia and Contestia, if you want to use the 4/125 that we have been using in the group you’ll have to add some additional info to the generic Contestia macro from the list. It should read <MODEM:CTSTIA:125:4>. You will have to add :125:4 to the text. Then apply and close.

One additional issue I have discovered. If you set up an FSQ macro like I have here, you’ll have to use the Op_mode list to select a new mode to get out of it since macro buttons are disabled in FSQ.

Enjoy your new “one click” freedom.