Using APRS Messenger with the Icom 7100 or 7200

If you are reading this, you’ve no doubt discovered that APRS Messenger does not key the Icom 7100 or 7200 directly.   The APRS Messenger application does not send CAT commands for PTT and the Icom 7200 will ONLY take CAT commands for PTT when using the USB interface.

To make this work, an additional piece of software is required. You can get that here:…/john…/Documents/CAT7200.html

If you’re not an advanced Windows operator, this procedure will seem a bit challenging.  Take your time and follow all directions exactly and it will work fine.

The new driver for the Virtual Com Port is unsigned, therefore you’ll have to bypass the Windows 10 security for installation of signed drivers. Here is where I found the instructions for this:…

I used method 2 from that article.

When you reach the advanced startup options screen, follow the directions on this site to disable digitally signed drivers. Again I used method 2.…/how-to-disable-driver…/

Once you’ve done that, go ahead and follow the directions for installation of CAT7200. Be sure to follow the additional instructions for Win7+ installation here:…/Documents/VCUSMInstallW7.htm

Once it’s working, when the APRS Messenger app attempts to beacon, you will see the TX icon activate in the CAT7200 application as in the image below.